I am creating a hybrid app for Windows 10 using Ionic, Cordova and SalesforceMobileSDK-CordovaPlugin.

I followed below steps -

  1. created ionic-cordova app: ionic start helloWorld sidemenu --type=ionic-angular

  2. Added windows platform: ionic cordova platform add windows

  3. Added Salesforce plugin: ionic cordova plgin add https://github.com/forcedotcom/SalesforceMobileSDK-CordovaPlugin
  4. Added bootconfig.json and servers.xml in www/ folder
  5. Install forcejs: npm install forcejs
  6. Run cordova prepare
  7. Opened CordovaApp.sln file in VS 2015 and built the solution.

When I run the app in VS 2015 after build, I am getting the homepage of the app instead of Salesforce connected app's login page.

I am not able find out if I missed any step here. Please help.

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The Salesforce Mobile SDK does not windows.

To get a native Windows app you could use a solution such as MobileCaddy (full disclosure, I work for them), there may be other solutions also. Apps built with MobileCaddy mean x-platform support for Android/iOS/Windows with a single codebase.


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