I couldn't find any information on what's the minimum Salesforce license to grant a support person permissions to do Subscriber Support in the LMA.

Can someone please point me to such information?


I don't think there's an explicit document that states this for sure, but checking a few different type of profiles based on license types, it appears that the Log in to Subscriber Org permission can only be set on Salesforce licenses. I don't have access to the more esoteric licenses, so I can't confirm all of the license types, but it seems that you need to use a license that has at least core CRM functionality (Leads, Accounts, and Contacts). Chatter, Community, and Portal users don't have the necessary core features to use LMA.


After a dance with Salesforce support they confirmed that in Salesforce there is no single document stating what is needed for that but here it is:

You need:

  1. Sales Cloud Standard User License, Sys Admin not needed
  2. Read Access to Leads, View All is not required
  3. Log in to Subscriber Organization system permission (a permission set is enough for that)
  4. Access to the LMA visualforce pages: sfLma.SubscriberSupport and sfLma.LoginToPartnerBT

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