When I am trying to execute SOQL using OAuthRestTemplate Rest API with following URL:


I am getting below error:

[{"message":"\nSELECT+Name+from+Account+where+SAP_ID_UCID__c+=+'1000479'\n ^\nERROR at Row:1:Column:6\nunexpected token: '+'","errorCode":"MALFORMED_QUERY"}]

And also tried encoding the URL and query param. but no luck

but when I execute the same URL in any rest client like post man, it is giving response.

I am doing any wrong in java ? Please help

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    What's in your actual code? It looks like you might be supplying the query pre-encoded and then having it be encoded a second time. – David Reed May 24 '19 at 12:45

I had exactly the same error and the same scenario: worked in workbench did not work in Java. As suggested above, I removed the manual URL Encoding step. Java seems to be automatically encoding. Here's the final code that worked.

response = client.send(HttpRequest.newBuilder()
                                .queryParam("q", query)
                        .header(HttpHeaders.CONTENT_TYPE, "application/json")
                        .header(HttpHeaders.AUTHORIZATION, "OAuth " + token.getToken())

I got it to work by removing the step that was manually encoding the query before building the HTTPRequest.

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