I am trying to aggregate data from an MPL into a separate field with fewer values. When I run the formulas, it is only returning the first value. Is there a way to rewrite the formula so that all true values are returned?

if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"White or Anglo"),"White or Anglo",
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"White or Anglo (e.g. White English / Welsh / Scottish / Northern Irish / British / American / etc.)"),"White or Anglo",
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"Black / African / Caribbean / Black British"),"Black",
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"Arab"),"Middle Eastern, North African or Arab",
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"Middle Eastern, North African or Arab"),"Middle Eastern, North African or Arab",
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"Middle Eastern"),"Middle Eastern, North African or Arab",
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"North African or Arab"),"Middle Eastern, North African or Arab",
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"Árabe, Norte-Africano ou de origem no Oriente Médio"),"Middle Eastern, North African or Arab",
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"Latinx or Hispanic"),"Latin",
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"Latina or Hispânica"),"Latin",
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"Indigenous"),"Indigenous or Native",
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"Indígena"),"Indigenous or Native","Other")))))))))))))))))

Use concatenation operator &

if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"White or Anglo"),"White or Anglo;",null) &
if(includes(Race_or_Ethnicity__c,"Black"),"Black;",null) & 

I assumed a delimiter of ; but you could use anything

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