I'm using a lightning component to update a record. For the lightning whole application to work well, it has to reload completely. After updating the record, I use lightning-navigation to create the url needed based on the parents recordtype.

It all works well. It reloads the recordpage and lands on the correct record using the parent ID.

My problem is: I want to automatically open the lightning component tab, in this image called 'Indicators'.

Record Page

When clicking the 'Indicators' tab, the URL doesn't change, making this action troublesome.

Can anyone help me achieve what I'm trying to do?

var pageReference = {
"type": "standard__recordPage",
"attributes": {
"recordId": component.get("v.ObjectId"),    
"objectApiName": "Object__c",
"actionName": "view"
  • Did you resolve this issue? I faced with the same problem and cannot resolve it. – jm. Oct 9 '19 at 9:07

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