I'm learning AMP Script and I need to compare a variable with different countries and I'm wondering if, as dynamic block in Marketing Cloud, is it possible to compare a variable with different values. For example:

%%[IF @value == 'Spain, France, Canada' THEN]%%

In addition, is it possible to do something similar to:

%%[IF @value1 == Spain OR @value2 == 'Latin America' THEN]%%

Thank you so much, Anna


There are two ways to accomplish this, if there are only a couple comparisons then you can use the OR statement, but if it is a large list, it may make more sense to create a sort of delimited string and utilize the IndexOf() function. (or you can build the delimited string and utilize as a rowset as well).

Option 1:

%%[ SET @value = AttributeValue("myCountry")

    IF @value == "Spain" OR @value == "Germany" THEN ]%


%%[ endif ]%%

Option 2a:


    SET @value = AttributeValue("myCountry")
    SET @lookupValue = CONCAT("|",@value,"|")
    SET @countries = "|Spain|France|Canada|"

    IF IndexOf(@countries,@lookupValue) > 0 THEN ]%%


%%[ endif ]%%

if you notice, my delimited string starts and ends with pipes | on every entry. This is to prevent partial matches, e.g. day would match not just "day", but also match "today" - giving a false positive. Which is why I created a @lookupValue var, which adds in the | to the value.

Option 2b:


    SET @value = AttributeValue("myCountry")
    SET @countries = "Spain|France|Canada"

    SET @rowSet = BuildRowsetFromString(@countries,"|")

    FOR @i=1 TO Rowcount(@rowSet) DO

      set @row = Row(@rowset,@i)
      set @country = Field(@row,1)

      IF @value == @country THEN

        SET @pass = 1


    NEXT @i 

 IF @pass == 1 THEN ]%%


%%[ endif ]%%

This one will take the provided delimited string, turn it into a rowset (via BuildRowsetFromString()) and then loop through it comparing the values and if they match, it sets the @pass var to 1. There is then a conditional IF statement afterwards that will display the content if @pass == 1.

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    Thank you @Gortonington for your answer and your examples! Finally I have chosen the option 2 and it helps me a lot. Have a good day.Anna – Anna Journeys May 24 at 14:24

Reference the help page 'AMPscript Language Elements'

Use join operators to combine multiple conditions.

AND - Both conditions must be true OR - Either condition must be true The NOT operator reverses the result of any Boolean expression.

NOT - Reverses the Boolean expression Control the expression evaluation using parentheses:

(BooleanExpression AND BooleanExpression) OR (BooleanExpression AND BooleanExpression)

  • Thank you for your answer @EazyE! Anna – Anna Journeys May 24 at 14:25

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