While reading documentation for the lightning:input aura component, I noticed that some attributes default to $Label.LightningControl.activeCapitalized or $Label.LightningControl.inactiveCapitalized.

So what are this LightningControl lables? Can I use them in my code, or should I? If yes, where can I this list of LightningControl labels in the system?


This is interesting, Normal syntax of the accesing custom label is $Label.Namespace.LabelName' . So this impliesLightningControl` is an internal namespace used by the lightning team to default a few values here and there.

This namespace reminds me of this error which I faced, a few years back. $Label.LightningControl.required does not exist

A custom label should be universally available, I tried accessing it in apex: System.debug(System.label.LightningControl.activeCapitalized); which gave me compile time error.

and in VF as {!$Label.LightningControl.activeCapitalized} which again gave me compile time error.

Also what other possible values can there be for this LightningControl namespace, I tried running this query in Developer Console using tooling Api.

SELECT ID , Name , Value , namespaceprefix FROM CUSTOMLABEL where namespaceprefix = 'LightningControl'

This returned zero results, which implies salesforce doesn't want us to use labels in this namespace outside lightning aura components.

Can I use them in my code? I can confirm you can use them in Lightning Aura components, but not in VF and apex

Should I use them? I would consider them like namespace labels which you get by installing any appexchange package. The thing about them is they are upgradable. So salesforce can upgrade/update the custom lable by putting any patch and it might start breaking your UI /logic. I would not personally use them, unless salesforce explicity documents it.

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