I have a situation where I need to reDirect the lightning page to record detail page once BACK button in iFrame is clicked. So, Java team was sending a postMessage from the page which I am opening it in an iFrame in Lightning. I am using below code to receive message from that child window.

doInit : function(component, event, helper) {
    var iFrameUrl = 'SOME URL which I am opening in iFrame';
    window.addEventListener("message", function(event) {
      var retValue = event.data;
      console.log('task Value:: '+retValue.task);
      console.log('docId:: '+retValue.docId); })

I am supposed to get the event.data only once I click on BACK button but it is firing like a lot of times with undefined values right after opening the iFrame page until I close it. "task value:: undefined" and "docId:: undefined" console logs are keep going very fast. But, Once I click on BACK button, I am able to get the response with values. "task Value:: 'GoBack'" and "docId:: 9988" as Java team sending but I am unable to make action.getCallback as the window.addEventListener keep firing with undefined values rapidly. What I am missing?? Java team says that they are doing postMessage only while clicking the button. I stuck with this without any trace. Please help. Thank you.

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