We are Realtors.

We want to create a "Buying path", a "Selling path", and a "Flow" path for everyone in our contact list.

Sometimes a person or family is selling their house and buying a new one. Is there a way to put that family on two different paths and track their progress on both?

We are a tiny company with only two people and I have to teach myself everything as we go with regards to SF, so the simpler the explanation, the better!

  • its looks like you have to add more paths Buying Family Path , Selling Family Path etc. – Pranay Jaiswal May 21 at 13:11
  • Path can be associated to a record type, so as long as you can split your Account to a buyer vs. seller, you can utilize different paths accordingly. However remember that you will end up creating 3 different records for the same account. – Jayant Das May 21 at 13:13

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