I need to describe a Salesforce Org that contains LWC, but the JSON obtained with the command:

sfdx force: mdapi: describemetadata -a 44.0 -u username

does not define me the LWC that should be shown as LightningComponentBundle. How could I get them? I've tried both with ant and with Salesforce DX.

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LWC was introduced in latest release - Spring '19 and it's API number is 45.0 so if you describe your metadata using 44.0 MDAPI won't be able to see those components. You need to change "-a" parameter to "45.0"

sfdx force:mdapi:describemetadata -a 45.0 -u username
  • GREAT! Thank you! It works!
    – xxpls97xx
    May 20, 2019 at 14:16

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