We want to build a single block of code to be used across a number of Email activities, and we want to "force" one of the variables. Let's assume that we are selling recipes and I want to trigger an email to people who told us on sign-up that they want Banana recipes, or Apple or Pear or whatever.

In many recommendation tools I can usually add a parameter to the URL to "force" part of the recommendation, but this doesn't seem to be the case with Einstein.

Here's a sample URL: https://XXXX.recs.igodigital.com/rr/v2/5cdc80b8f....55914e6801/l/1/%%emailaddr%%

is there something along the line of adding the "fruit" parameter so the URL might be: https://XXXX.recs.igodigital.com/rr/v2/5cdc80b8f...55914e6801/l/1/%%emailaddr%%?fruit=banana

Even better would be a personalized value for fruit, so it becomes: https://XXXX.recs.igodigital.com/rr/v2/5cdc80b8ff8b6155914e6801/l/1/%%emailaddr%%?fruit=%%fruit%%

Possible? How can we manage this type of ask?


Follow this page Customize the Calls and also the page Rule Manager

The call should be similar to:


And then in Rule manager create a rule to Emphasize/Include items when FRUIT/Category is same as reference item

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  • I should add -- using the answer above, the value for "%%Fruit%%" must match the catalog item's unique identifier. So if "banana" is marked as "BNA" as the key in the catalog then we need to insert BNA into the API/XML call for "item=" – George Rosedale Jul 10 '19 at 13:48

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