I've got a requirement to mirror a Case's Chatter feed into another object (for safe-keeping, as it were). My first idea was to try a trigger on the FeedItem object, catch it and clone it, and just switch the ParentId to the other object's Id.

    for(FeedItem originalItem: feedItemsMap.get(selectedCase.Id)){
        FeedItem repostedItem = originalItem.clone(false, true, true, true);
        repostedItem.ParentId = newObjectId;
    insert repostedItems;

But apparently this only works for a small subset of possible actions (i.e. TextPost and Comments), and we have a lot of possible feed items like Activities and Emails sent and received.

(Also, I did look into this answer but it only covers the basic use cases)

So, after many many hours I turned to the ConnectApi methods and thought, easy enough that I could make a Batch Apex that reads the entire case's feed and just reposts it 1-to-1

List<ConnectApi.FeedElement> allFeedItems = ConnectApi.ChatterFeeds.getFeedElementsFromFeed(null, ConnectApi.FeedType.Record, currentCase.Id).elements;

for(ConnectApi.FeedElement feedItem: allFeedItems){
   //container for the reposted element
   ConnectApi.FeedItemInput input = new ConnectApi.FeedItemInput();

   //set subjectid to new related object id
   input.subjectId = newObjectId;

   ConnectApi.BatchInput batchInput = new ConnectApi.BatchInput(input);

ConnectApi.ChatterFeeds.postFeedElementBatch(Network.getNetworkId(), batchInputs);

But the ConnectApi is super confusing and this didn't seem to work, so I tried making a Share Instead:

ConnectApi.FeedEntityShareCapabilityInput shareInput = new ConnectApi.FeedEntityShareCapabilityInput();
shareInput.feedEntityId = feedItem.Id;

ConnectApi.FeedElementCapabilitiesInput feedElementCapabilitiesInput = new ConnectApi.FeedElementCapabilitiesInput();
feedElementCapabilitiesInput.feedEntityShare = shareInput;

input.capabilities = feedItem.capabilities;

This also didn't work, I got a "INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY]: Operation only allowed on published feed entity on public groups or user profiles" error.

So at this point I'm stuck, any ideas on how I could make this requirement possible?

Thanks in advance!

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