Is it possible to refer a string as a field API name?

I'm trying to achieve something like below:

Method(string fieldAPI){
   Contact con = new Contact();
   con.fieldAPI = 'Abc';
   update con;
  • What do you mean by "refer a string"? Do you mean "reference a string"? – Peter Mortensen May 15 at 23:08
  • I mean instead of Field API name, I would like to use string variable, which will contain my API name. – salesforce Developer May 16 at 6:22

What you have will still work because you are referring the field name here.

con.fieldName__c = 'Abc';

You can additionally use Sobject.put(fieldName, value) here if you want to refer the API name as string value, as:

con.put('fieldName__c', 'Abc');
  • Doesn't "refer" / "referring" go hand in hand with "to"? – Peter Mortensen May 15 at 23:10
  • @PeterMortensen English was never my first language :), if you feel it can be corrected/improved, please feel free to edit it. – Jayant Das May 16 at 1:14

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