According to documentation, I should be able to assign a new task to the contact/lead owner in Sales Cloud (https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=mc_jb_task_activity.htm&type=5):

Automatically assign tasks to the contact or lead owner, Salesforce System user, or a custom-defined user

No matter if I try to configure it through the Task Activity or Object Activity, I only have the option to either hard-code the user name of user who will receive the task, or to assign to System User, which is my MC Connect API user.

enter image description here

Any clue why the option to assign to contact/lead owner is missing?


The only approach that I see currently is to add an Object activity talking to the User Object before the "Task" Event. This Object activity you can use to "find and update" the relevant User - which in your case would be the Lead / Contact owner - with something - like a timestamp in a custom field.

Once you have such an explicit reference to the User in your journey before the task, another option to retrieve the User appears in the screen you showed:

enter image description here

  • Thanks! Not sure how your solution would have worked, but it gave me an idea - I was not including the contact/lead owner info in my entry data - once included, I have the option to choose it, will post an update below. thanks!! – zmj May 15 at 10:26
  • Oh I see, you didn't have that. :) Great. The point is you need some reference to the User object before the Task event. This is a common topic in Journey Builder: the UI sometimes gives you more options on subsequent events, once you have more context established. – Jonas Lamberty May 15 at 10:35
  • Thanks, this is useful to know :) – zmj May 15 at 10:41

I was able to find a solution: One must include the contact/lead owner ID in the Journey Entry Data. Once it's there, it can be later selected when defining the task owner:

enter image description here

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