Is it possible to pull in the columns based on an iterative basis? Like using the nth value?

Use Case: want to unify 90% of a pref. center across all BUs (26) but allow for BUs to have their own preferences (some will have 5 publication options some will have up to 10..etc. So, inherently, within the cloudpage, it would need to have a dynamic portion based on pref. center data extension at the BU level.

  • Edited to reflect a better base-level question. Previous version was an end of the day thought dump that was pretty cryptic. – Tom Callahan May 15 '19 at 2:42

You should be able to achieve your multi-business unit pref center model by using the SSJS WSProxy module. The WSProxy.prototype.setClientId({ ... }) method allows you to interact with child business units by specifying their ClientID/MID.

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  • You'll probably need to send the MID through the query string; the personalization string in the pref center's context will probably be the parent BU's, but I haven't tested. – Clayton VonDras May 17 '19 at 19:34

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