I am trying to create a dataset and train as per the below trailhead topic(https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/projects/build-a-cat-rescue-app-that-recognizes-cat-breeds/cat-recognition-app-create-train-dataset)

I have created a new folder with other images and trying to upload those images from Files, Documents & Static Resource in salesforce, but all getting failed with "Invalid file format" issue.

enter image description here

All of the images in that folder are in "PNG" format.

Please advise.

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The URL you provide for "Create Dataset" needs to be publicly accessible.

The sample URL of https://developer.salesforce.com/files/Cats.zip is something that the Einstein Platform API services can ingest with a GET request and no authentication required.

If you want to use your own zip file it will need to be opened up to the internet. Or at least to the Metadata servers. The Apex wrapper used for this is calling the Create a Dataset From a Zip File Asynchronously method.

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