We're using a 3rd party for a refer a friend service that also has a subscriber status. We'd like to link a user's unsubscribe to the 3rd party service when a user unsubscribes through the profile center. Is there anyway to add a trigger to the unsubscribe here?



You'll have to use SOAP API and Update a Subscriber using the Update Method.

  1. Create and Install a package to get your Client Id and Client Secret. Set the appropriate permissions.
  2. Find your appropriate WSDL and Endpoint Link
  3. Update your subscriber using the appropriate List ID
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    Thank you, Jackson. I did a poor job explaining that. We need to send the call to a 3rd party service to unsubscribe the user there, we are okay on internal unsubscribe. Figured out a potential solution though with an automation. Will be extracting a list of recently updated unsubscribes and checking/updating the 3rd party. Thanks again! – justinme May 14 '19 at 15:46

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