Recently I quit a company but my trailhead account's email was my company mail id. Now when I tried to login to trailhead, it is asking for Verification Code sent to my company id which no longer exists. Please let me know what can be done to regain access to my trailhead account.


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Please check this link for self-service-account-merge, If you have any other personal email connected to your account this will help in resolving the issue.

For example: if you had connected an email [email protected] to your trailhead account, You could log in using [email protected] and remove the corporate Id which isn't needed anymore. And create a new trailhead with the latest corp id and add [email protected] under-connected emails. you will be prompted to merge. Merge and all your badges and points are in the new account with the latest corp Id as your primary email id.

Or you could choose to keep [email protected] as your primary Id and corp id in email accounts.

Note: primary id is the email id that you want to utilize for connecting to the partner community.

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    please make sure you include the procedure from the link, since links may break. thanks
    – glls
    Feb 2, 2021 at 18:21

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