want forgot password feature with lightning component in community i have seen many reference in visual force page but not able to find it in lightning, so how can i achieve it in lightning component



    public class TestForgotController { 

    public String username {get; set;} 

    public PageReference forgotPassword() { 

    if(username != '') {  
         User UserToReset = [Select Id, Username from User where Username = :Username and IsActive = true LIMIT 1];  
         boolean success = Site.forgotPassword(username);  
         PageReference pr = Page.CommunityForgotPasswordConfirm;     
         return pr;  
    return null; 


want same thing achieve in lightning component


We have implemented this using below code and it is working on prod org as well.

  public static String forgotPassowrd(String userid) {
    String procesMsg = '';
    User user = [SELECT Id FROM User WHERE Id = :userid]; //Added username in query for test class
    if (user != null) {
      if (Site.isValidUsername(user.Username)) {
        procesMsg = 'LoginResetSuccess';
      } else {
        procesMsg = 'LoginResetWarning';
    return procesMsg;

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