I can't get a lightning component that references User.ContactId to compile. Here's my code:


<aura:component controller="TestController">



public with sharing class TestController {
    public void testMethod1 () {
        User u = [SELECT ID, ContactId FROM User LIMIT 1];

When I compile the Apex class, it compiles just fine. But when I subsequently compile the lightning component, I get this error:

Failed to save TestComponent.cmp: Invalid definition for null:TestController: SELECT ID, ContactId FROM User LIMIT 1 ^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:12 No such column 'ContactId' on entity 'User'. If you are attempting to use a custom field, be sure to append the '__c' after the custom field name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names.: Source

I know it's ContactId because everything compiles when I remove that field from the query. Also, when I remove the controller field from the component, it compiles just fine.

I know User.ContactId exists, and the Apex part compiles fine. But for some reason, the lightning component thinks that User.ContactId doesn't exist.

Why is it doing this, and how can I fix it?


As you said that your controller is working fine so whenever you are adding {!User.ContactId} in your component you are getting an error.

if you want User contactId, you have to do like this:

solution 1


<aura:component controller="TestController"  implements="flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes,flexipage:availableForRecordHome,force:hasRecordId,forceCommunity:availableForAllPageTypes,force:lightningQuickAction" access="global" >
<aura:attribute name="userContactId" type="String"/>
<aura:handler name="init" value="{!this}" action="{!c.doInit}"/>

   User Contact ID :{!v.userContactId}


doInit : function(component, event, helper) {
     var action = component.get("c.testMethod1");

    action.setCallback(this, function(response) {

        var userContactId = response.getReturnValue();
        component.set("v.userContactId", userContactId);



public class TestController {
    public static void testMethod1 () {
    Id contactId = [SELECT ID, ContactId FROM User LIMIT 1].contactId;


solution 2

if you want without using apex class then also you can do that with this:

TestController.cmp: Component will be same only.


doInit : function(component, event, helper) {
    var userId = $A.get("$SObjectType.CurrentUser");
    console.log('userId' ,JSON.stringify(userId.ContactId));
    var userRecord = JSON.stringify(userId);
    component.set("v.userContactId", userRecord.ContactId);


you can try any of above code.

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