We have implemented Account hierarchy in Salesforce. Now we are implementing customer plus communities and our requirement is that users related to Account 1 should be able to view/edit all the record related to their child account. Each of the child accounts have other custom objects as their child and parent account users should be able to view and modify these object records. Has anyone implemented this, please help.


---- Child Account1

--------- Custom object1.

--------- Custom object2.

---- Child Account2


  • I suggest that you can create a component with an accordion in it and display Accounts with there respective child accounts and then on click of child account the rest of related custom object should be loaded through javascript controller click which hits you action to get all the child objects. Hope it make sense to you... – Rahul May 7 at 8:21
  • Thanks Rahul, I was hoping to find a way to avoid code. If this can be achieved out of box someway using sharing and viability. – Amir May 7 at 13:00
  • Have you looked on the AppExchange? – David Cheng May 7 at 16:06

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