We have integrated SFDC Case management with Workfront system. The integration is via a connector. When a user submits a request in Workfront that will create a case in SFDC and owner is assigned. There is an auto-reply set from workfront to user outlook with a case number. When the user replies that autoreply mail that will again create an email under the case.

Issue: New email notification is not sent to the owner.

For New case which gets created - Reported by the user is: Integration user Case Origin is Email

New Email will be created with Subject: New comment via workfront From Address: noreply@workfront.com

What have I tried : - Notify Case Owners on New Emails is set to true (Email to case settings) - Tried creating a workflow with passing the Email Status, Subject and From Address in criteria but the workflow is not triggering.

Not sure if I am missing something here.


You can use Process Builder and create a process for Email Message to post a notification to the Case Owner when a new Email Message is Created:

Process Builder

You can either have it create a chatter post to the case owner or create a custom notification:

Custom Notification

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