I have created a Journey where the entry event is a Salesforce Data extension and a contact is injected into it when he creates a new record in an object named Application. When it happens, the information regarding the percent completed of the application is saved in the Journey Data Extension and, after a specific date, the system sends an email with this information (using personalization string).

My issue is that I need to map Contact Data and not Journey Data because at the begining, the percent complete is 0%, but when the email is sent the percent complete may be 50% (as an example) and I need this data updated.

How I should change the personalization string in order to map Contact Data instead Journey Data?

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Option 1: You could retrieve the current value from the synchronized data extensions via AMPscript using the Lookup-function. As a prerequisite you need to have the desired object configured to sync to Marketing Cloud.

Instead of the personalization string you would use a line similar to this:

%%=Lookup('NameOfYourSyncDE','FieldYouLikeToQuery','Id', @VariableContainingTheRecordId)=%%

Option 2: An alternative way is to directly query the record in Sales Cloud using the RetrieveSalesforceObjects-function.

  VAR @rs, @row, @value
  SET @rs = RetrieveSalesforceObjects('NameOfYourSFDCObject', 'Id,FieldYouLikeToQuery', 'Id', '=', @VariableContainingTheRecordId)
  IF RowCount(@rs) == 1 THEN
    SET @row = Row(@rs, 1)
    SET @value = Field(@row, 'FieldYouLikeToQuery')
    SET @value = 'Fallbackvalue'

The above snippet retrieves a value from Sales/Service Cloud and writes it to the variable @value. In order to write it to the email, you need to use the following snippet:


For both options you'd use the Salesforce Record-ID as identifier. Note, that for option 1 there is a delay as synchronization can only appear once every 15 minutes (or even longer intervals, depending on the data source configuration).

Related documentation:

  • thank you! I have chosen option 2 but I'm facing issues with it. I'm sorry but I am not familiar with AMP Script and I should doing something wrong because the The system always returns “Fallbackvalue”. This is how I have completed the code: `%%[VAR @rs, @row, @value SET @rs = RetrieveSalesforceObjects('TargetX_SRMb__Application__c', 'Id,TargetX_App__Percent_Complete__c', 'Id', '=', @Id) IF RowCount(@rs) == 1 THEN SET @row = Row(@rs, 1) SET @value = Field(@row, 'TargetX_App__Percent_Complete__c') ELSE SET @value = 'Fallbackvalue' ENDIF]%%´ Can you help me please?Thanks! Commented May 7, 2019 at 15:40
  • In order for this to work you need to have the Salesforce-ID of Object "TargetX_App__Percent_Complete__c" in the variable @Id. That variable assignment isn't part of the code you provided so I suppose it isn't present in your code altogether. If this is an attribute and the personalization string %%Id%% would print the Id, you need to add SET @Id = AttributeValue('Id') before the row containing the RetrieveSalesforceObjects-functioncall. Otherwise you need to get that Id from a column in your journey data source. To do that exchange Id in AttributeValue with the column name in your DE. Commented May 8, 2019 at 7:33
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    Hi Marcus, I have changed the code adding the SET @Id = AttributeValue ('Id') and now all is working properly. Thank you so much for all your help :) Anna Commented May 8, 2019 at 12:57
  • You are welcome, glad I could help out ;) Commented May 8, 2019 at 13:09
  • Hi @Markus, I am in similar situation where i am trying to retrieve SF Object in a journey email. my variable is: "LeadID = AttributeValue('ENT.Lead_Salesforce:Id')" but seeing the error even without ENT. I am accessing the Object from Child BU's Email/JOurney. Any Idea why am I seeing invalid Object Error? Commented Oct 5, 2020 at 19:08

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