I have a list button on a related list of custom Object ABC under Contact object which redirects to a VF page (custom record creation page for ABC). I am passing contact id in the URL so that contact's id can be defaulted in ABC record creation page.

Code for custom button is


When System Admin is clicking on the list button, the URL carrying the contactId. for example

https://<your domain>.visual.force.com/apex/ZTS_EU_PAP?mode=new&contactId=0032A000035x0Bq

When an user of a custom profile is clicking on the button, no contactId is being passed. Like below -

https://<your domain>.visual.force.com/apex/ZTS_EU_PAP?mode=new

Please help me what is going wrong here.

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    Does the custom profile have access to the ContactId field? Lack of access could cause this. Also, please post the code that generates the URL so we can take a better look. May 6, 2019 at 15:14


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