After SSO is set up, when I tried to redirect the user to the second Salesforce org, it takes the user to login page. Do I have to do any more authentication before redirection? my controller is below.

public Pagereference login(){
Pagereference loginRef; 
currentRecordId = ApexPages.CurrentPage().getparameters().get('id'); 
getId = [query]; 
loginRef = new Pagereference('INSTANCE.visual.force.com/apex/VFPAGE?id='+getId);
return loginRef; } }

I fixed this by changing the URL. Once SSO is set up, you should use the URL as below. https://FIRST_ORG_DOMAIN_IDP.my.salesforce.com/idp/login?app=CONNECTEDAPPID&RelayState=apex/SECONDORGVFPAGE

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