I am onboarding a new SFMC account and none of their links have been set up as conversion tracking links and this is a request of theirs. Is there a way, possibly using %%_AdditionalEmailAttribute%% to automatically append this tag to all URLs? Thanks!

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Inside the href tag when you set conversion="true"

<a href="http://www.northerntrail.com/productlist.asp" conversion="true">www.northerntrail.com/productlist.asp</a> 

The system adds query parameters to your link to be used in the xml conversion call

The string is as below:


j - Job ID (identifier of this email)
sfmc_sub - Subscriber ID
l (lowercase L) - List ID
u - ID of the landing page URL
jb - Job batch ID
mid - Your account number (member ID)


If you don't want to set the conversion ="true" you could update the WAC string to pass these values

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