Is there a way to embed a lightning-card within LWC datatable's column? My requirement is to display a list of records(each record's content as a lightning-card) in a single column datatable with the ability to perform lazy loading.

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Sort of, but not in the way you are thinking of. Per the docs:

Creating Custom Data Types

Create your own data types if you want to implement a custom cell, such as a delete row button or an image, or even a custom number display. Here's how you can create custom data types.

So the best you can do is override what a custom cell does.

I would review, thoroughly, the capabilities of lightning-datatable, specifically the LWC version (there is a small delta from the Aura flavor, like this custom data type in a cell feature).

If it's not in the Aura or LWC docs (most of the aura features still work in the LWC flavor), it doesn't work/exist and you need to write a custom datatable using SLDS or CSS grids.

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