I am using this lines in my lightning component:

<fieldset id="someID" onchange="{!c.someJSFunction}">
<c:inputlookup type="{!sometype}" value="{!somevalue}" className="slds-input"/> 
<lightning:input aura:id="anotherId" name="anotherAccId" value="{!somevalue}" />

as you can see I am using another component inside the fieldset. What I wanted to do is that every time the inputlookup changes, it will also perform the someJSFunction.

this is the sample content of the someJSFunction:

var someAccId = component.find("anotherId").get("v.value");
console.log('someAccId '+someAccId );

but it didn't work. How can I get the method to be called every time there is a change from the component inputlookup?

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On the c:inputlookup, you can register a component event called myChangeEvent, which you fire anytime there's a change happening in your c:inputlookup component.

Then you can detect changes within the parent component inline with your other inputLookup attributes like this:

<c:inputlookup type="{!sometype}" value="{!somevalue}" className="slds-input" myChangeEvent="{! c.handleInputLookupChanges }"/>

Then the parent's JS controller can handle the changes in the handleInputLookupChanges controller method however you please. Look into event.getParams() to see how to handle incoming changes.

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