Ann associate of mine asked a similar question over at Salesforce site, but I thought I would ask it here to see if some additional help:

Using the regular Salesforce Quote Template (no CPQ being used or available), I need to be able to do the following. Can anyone give me a suggestion how to do this best? I can easily get all the following items from both sections to appear together in the Quote Template List section - but I don't think this can be broken into 2 sections (using the Quote Line Items list) so I can group into two sections like I show below.

My thinking is I could use a 2nd Custom Object for the 2nd List in the Quote Template. However, this would seem to require I enter the 2nd list data into a separate section on the "Quote" page and not the "Quote Line Item" section.

Any suggestions on how I can do this would be appreciated - as seen below I need the folllowing 2 sections on the Quote Template so I can group, and then I would be working on individual Subtotals and a final grand Total:


First List Section:

Quanity        Product        Price 1                  Chair            $500.00 1                  Bed              $300.00 1                  Desk            $200.00 1                  Stove           $1,000.00 1                  Frige            $800.00

                   Subtotal        $1,800.00   (note - need this subtotal for above)

Second List Section:

1                 Lamp             $20.00 1                 Set Sheets    $30.00 1                 Pots               $50.00 1                 Dishes           $100.00 1                 TV                 $200.00

                   Subtotal        $400.00   (note - need this subtotal for above)

Any help is appreciated.

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