Salesforce throws error when deactivating a forecast category. I need to deactivate 'Commit' forecast category. Please refer below stage and forecast category mapping. I have mapped 'Commit' to 'Negotiation' stage (inactive).

enter image description here

Getting this error when attempt to deactivate.

Cannot delete this value. This picklist must have at least one value for status category "Commit".

I am trying to deactivate picklist value from forecast castegory piclist field.

enter image description here


There are couple things to note here that are not obvious from the error message.

1) The Forecast Category picklist must have a forecast category value with a Status Category of "Commit" (not to be confused with the Category Value of "Commit".

2) Forecast Category Values can't currently be added, nor can any of the existing values' Status Category be changed. Forecast category values can only be edited. However, there's currently an idea under review for Salesforce to implement this.

3) This means that the you can't actually deactivate the Commit picklist value, you can only edit the name so that there is still a picklist value with a Status Category of "Commit"

  • Thanks for your input Ayoola. I don't want add new values instead deactivate a value from Forecast Category picklist. I can see deactivate link available for that and added same in my question as well. If I cannot deactivate the value what's the purpose of that link? – Reshma Apr 26 '19 at 5:35

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