I have a "Subscription" object in Salesforce that get two external keys CodeProduct and CodeDP (DP for Delivery Point). "Subscription" also has a range of date Start_Date and End_Date.

Now I want to match my CSV dataset called "Daily_Sales" with "Subscription". "Daily_Sales" also has CodeProduct and CodeDP fields but it only has one Date field Delivery_Date that represent the Date where the customer was delivered.

I can't match with only Product and DP because I have several lines in my object that match with these two keys. To get unique rows in my Data Flow I have to match both Dates but on the one hand I have a Date and on the other hand I have a range of Date represented by two different fields.

In my Data Flow I want to use an Augment operation in "Delivary_Date" and "Subscription" where I use concat on my keys (CodeProduct, CodeDP, Date).

I have two things in my mind :

  • Using only Months to match but if my range is in two different month it wont work
  • Filtering my Dates where my Date is between the range and match both keys

So I would like to know what do you think of that and if you have a better solution.

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