so I have a VF page in effect that grabs the child records (Child__c) from a parent record (Parent__c) to fulfill(remedy in this case) a mass update request for the child records of the parent. The problem here is that they don't save using the Parents standard controller, so my question is: Is there an easy way to go about saving the child records from the Save button on the VF page?

my model:

Parent__c: Button to launch VF page that finds related child records, using Parent standard controller and a controller extension.

The child records all come through correctly and all looks well, they just don't save obviously because it's using the parent records Standard Controller and not its own. My point of this remediation is that in Classic the button was a List Button sitting on the Child__c related list of the Parent__C record and using recordSetVar to use checkboxes built into classic (I think) to indicate which records to query and then update, whereas I do not see that same functionality in Lightning, leading me to use the Parent__c standard controller and move my button there instead of keeping it on the child related list.

Hopefully that made sense and thank you in advance!

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