We have a Ruby-on-Rails application which has a "listener" using Restforce(and a Faye 0.8.9 client) for 4 Push Topics from Salesforce. All our PushTopics are API version 41

A few days ago the listener started experiencing a huge influx of the following responses from Salesforce while trying to subscribe to the push topics:

ReplayExtension - Incoming = {"advice"=>{"interval"=>0, "reconnect"=>"handshake"}, "channel"=>"/meta/subscribe", "id"=>"2", "error"=>"403::Unknown client", "successful"=>false}, Channel - /meta/subscribe

This happens around 27,000 times a day, meaning more than 1000 times an hour

We used to get a few of these errors, but nothing like this.

From a little digging around, it seems that this error happens because Salesforce closes the connection to our client and then when the client tries to subscribe, SF doesn't recognize it which forces a reconnect.

Is there a way to get a list of all the clients who are subscribed to the Streaming-API, or even PushTopics?

I fear that maybe someone from another team has created their own client which is causing this issue.

Also, has anyone come across this sort of thing before and can shed some insight as to why this might be happening?
So far all I've read online wasn't so helpful

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