Need a small help, i am trying to create a validation rule on a lead object - the requirement is whenever the lead status is converted to "Closed - Not Converted" it should throw an error on description, i have created a formula, but its not working, below is the formula

IF( AND(NOT(ISPICKVAL(Status,"Closed - Not Converted")), LEN (Description)>0),true, false)

Any help would be appreciated


If I am getting your requirement correctly, you need Description field to be populated when a Lead is converted to Closed - Not Converted stage.

The validation rule which you have written will fire when the status is not equal to Closed - Not Converted and Length of Description field is greater than 0, which I hope is not what you want.

From your requirement, you need a validation rule which will fire when status is Closed - Not Converted and length of Description is not greater than 0. Below validation rule should work for you

IF(AND(ISPICKVAL(Status,"Closed - Not Converted"), NOT(LEN(Description)>0)),true, false)
  • yes it worked, thank you Mr Vijay:) – Manjunath SC Apr 22 '19 at 12:02

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