When I run sfdx force:user:list this is the error message I get:

ERROR running force:user:list: Must pass a username and/or OAuth options when creating an AuthInfo instance.

This issue came up after setting up Travis. Travis is able to create users but I'm not.

EDIT: I get this error message also for trying to create a user and trying to look at a deployment report.


This error generally occurs when the SFDX command doesn't include an org to look at. You probably need to change the command to be

sfdx force:user:list -u OrgAlias
  • when I did that this is the error message I got: ERROR running force:org:list: Unexpected arguments: -u, DevHub See more help with --help – Amina Apr 23 '19 at 15:44
  • You would need to make the above change if you were running force:user:list, with force:org:list you are just looking at all of the orgs you have set up with SFDX.If you use the command sfdx force:org:list you should be able to see all of your orgs and their respective aliases. Then you can pick which on you want to use as the org alias for the sfdx force:user:list command. – griffinmelnick Apr 24 '19 at 10:44

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