The journey builder thats been used has entry event as DE populated with data imported from Automation studio

Can I create a Data extension column with values derived from two other columns in same data extension calculated on the fly once the import from the automation studio is completed?


Amount |  Rate | Days | Final Amount ((Amount+ Amount*rate*Days))/Days
30000  |  0.25 |    5 | calculated value
40000  |  0.85 |   15 | calculated value

Sure. In your Automation -- instead of importing directly to the final entry data extension, just import into a temporary staging data extension and use a Query Activity to add the rows and calculated values to the entry data extension.

If you don't need this calculated value for a decision split, then you could just calculate the Final Amount with AMPscript in the email. This option wouldn't require any changes to the automation.


No you can't. Have your Automation populate a Temp DE and then write a SQL to populate your Journey DE along with the derived column.

Or else, have another DE (DE2) which has a derived field and can join with your journey DE. Link these DEs in the Contact builder and then refer that in the journey

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