Almost every day the LC I am building in a developer sandbox start showing the old version of the code. Then I have to wait 30 mins or so, for it to start reflecting the new code.

The LC is embedded in the lightning application, which is hosted on a VF page to work in Classic mode.

I have tried switching browser when this happens, but no luck. So seems like an SF side caching issue, and not my browser.

How can this be prevented? Thanks.

  • under session settings, there is a disable cache option – glls Apr 19 at 16:28
  • Have already disabled that, but no luck. – Sidharth Agarwal Apr 19 at 16:29
  • Did you try opening your browser in chrome incognito mode and see? – RedDevil Apr 20 at 5:08

Somehow this stopped happening a few days after I posted this question. Not sure what caused this issue, and what solved it later. Closing this ticket.

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