So my component has an attribute defined like this:

<aura:attribute name="accountId" type="String" default="" />

that holds the value of a lookup lightning:inputField. I am setting the parameter like so:

createDataExport.setParams({"accountId" : component.get('v.accountId')});

and the backend controller looks like this:

public static String startExport(String accountId) {

and yet I am still getting the error Value provided is invalid for action parameter accountId of type 'String'. I have also tried changing over to type Id but no dice. I've also made sure that the attribute is populating properly, and it is.

Any help is appreciated.


I figured it out, you need to get the value of the attribute this way because an array proxy is returned by default:

createDataExport.setParams({"accountId" : component.get('v.accountId')[0]});

Thanks for the insight. I applied this to LWC.

HTML Code:

<lightning-record-edit-form object-api-name="object_API_name">
     value ={value} 

JS Code

        this.property = (event.detail.value)[0];

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