I have created an email service and got an email address like

I want to capture the email response of email that I am sending from the record detail page but I am unable to set setReplyTo here. We cannot capture email response without adding setReplyTo. Can anyone please help with it.

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As of Spring 19, I don't believe you can adjust setReplyTo on Lightning emails via the UI. You can attempt to write a before insert trigger on the EmailMessage object and see if you can adjust the replyTo property within the trigger.

If the trigger approach doesn't work, I'd suggest having your users setup email forwarding on their email accounts to your email handler. If you use G Suite, you can setup conditional forwarding, so that the forwarding filter logic could scan for a particular pattern that you use when emailing from the Lightning UI (like a standardized signature, etc), so that only relevant emails will be forwarded to your email handler

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    Thanks for your response, but replyTo email address field is missing on the EmailMessage object. So we can't use set replyTo by the trigger. Apr 18, 2019 at 12:43
  • Didn't know that about the EmailMessage object, which is why I suggested the other approach as well. Definitely much more work involved, but you could come up with a working process if you have time/budget for it Apr 18, 2019 at 20:45

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