I am trying to use the retrieve function with a complex filter. I am using this in a SSJS function in a cloud page. This is not working. Would like to know if anyone has used something similar.

My end goal is to retrieve the details for a set of data extensions based on a complex filter.

var deDetail=DataExtension.Retrieve({
        LeftOperand: {
            Property: "CreatedDate",
            SimpleOperator: "greaterThanOrEqual",
            Value: "2018-08-27T00:00:00.000"
        LogicalOperator: "AND",
        RightOperator: {
            Property: "CategoryID",
            SimpleOperator: "notEquals",
            Value: "9958"



It looks like it's just a simple typo: RightOperator should be RightOperand (I tested your code after that tiny correction on my end and it worked).

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