I have a page with many tabs, and each tab have contents with fields, tables, etc. I want to add each tab contents in a separated page Or a VF component because of the huge number of code lines. But I don't know what the difference between them and when to use each of them and in this case which better to use ?

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    I suggest you review salesforce.com/docs/en/cce/… before you go too much further. Visualforce has limited performance, and trying to put a lot into a single page is likely to leave you with poor performance. – Keith C Feb 3 '14 at 13:28

I am not entirely sure, but I think if you use it as a component then it is included in the page before it is loaded (kind of compile/translation time inclusion) while including it as a page will be a runtime inclusion. So in that sense including it as components will make the page load faster, where as apex:include might be a little slower.

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