"layouts": [],
        "steps": {
            "Amount_2": {
                "type": "aggregateflex",
                "query": {
                    "measures": [
                    "filters": [
                            "{{column(Country_1.selection, [\"values\"]).asString()}}",

Static step widget code- it is a list widget-

"Country_1": {
                "type": "staticflex",
                "numbers": [],
                "strings": [],
                "groups": [],
                "broadcastFacet": true,
                "selectMode": "single",
                "label": "Country",
                "values": [
                        "display": "India",
                        "value": "India"
                        "display": "USA",
                        "value": "USA"

It looks like your binding serialization is .asString but you are using an array [] with column. If you are getting one value, then it usually works better to do cell function and put the index in the statement when using string serialization. At least that is how I use it.

{{cell(Country_1.selection,0 \"value\").asString()}}

or if you need an array (both India and USA), you can do

{{column(Country_1.selection, [\"value\"]).asObject()}}

I am not certain this will still work because you are using the in for the filter, but I would try that first. If you still have problems, post your question in the group below, there are some real MVP helpers.


Also the binding guide is a real resource, although I feel it lacks some explanations though.

edit...noticed that you are using 'values' but use 'value' because that is your field name. the word 'values' is for the json to set up the object but 'value' is the name of the column/field that you use in the binding.

  • hi, I just used column binding, and it gave me error, Unknown Id token 'India', it is happens whenever I select a country. – Kamakshi Sharma Apr 18 at 5:11
  • You should not use 'India' use the word 'value' this is your field name in the code you gave. So you have the following json. "values": [ { "display": "India", "value": "India" }, { "display": "USA", "value": "USA" } ] display is your label and value is your field. I personally don't use value because I think it is confusing. If you only change to 'value' not values or india should work – disasterlooms Apr 18 at 16:09

I used filters(Amount_3 step) in the query section:

"query": { "measures": [ [ "sum", "Amount" ] ], "filters": [ [ "Billing_Country", [ "{{column(Country_1.selection, [\"value\"]).asObject()}}" ], "==" ] ] }, and it worked

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