I need to remotely query salesforce for 1000 records using REST, via POST (I can't be passing my external IDs over a GET query: they'd get logged in salesforce's web log files bad practice).

Using the Composite API won't work for me, since it requires that I query by salesforce id (I need to query by another text field):



For posterity, I think I found an answer:

Using the Parameterized Search API, I can query this endpoint:


with this POST body:

  "q" : "Account",    
  "where":"External_ID__c = 'Account.050' or External_ID__c = 'Account.001' or External_ID__c = 'Account.12345'"}],    
  "fields":["id", "name"] 

Caveat: "q" : "Account" : this is the search term - all my records have an text field with an external identifier where the prefix is 'Account'...
(FYI, this query field does not appear to be able to take arrays as a search term. It also has to be longer than 1 character.)

The way I search for multiple specific values is to find them all with a generic search value in "q", and then get specific in the WHERE clause with ORs.

I don't know how large by POST body can be, or how large the "Where" clause can be... but this is progress.

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