I am working on an assignment where a custom URL needs to be provided on the Contact to open a training portal website when clicked. The DEMO and PROD salesforce instances need to open different training portal sites. So, I have created a custom label which will have different values for the base URLs for DEMO and PROD. The custom link formula on the Contact is below.


However, this is not working. Can someone help?


You're using Visualforce merge format, which doesn't work in formula fields, and also not including any concatenation operator.

Your formula field should look like this:

$Label.Advisor_Training_Portal_URL & "/Details/" & AgentId__c

You could also us the HYPERLINK() function if you want to specify the link text or target:

HYPERLINK($Label.Advisor_Training_Portal_URL & "/Details/" & AgentId__c, FirstName & "'s Training Portal", "_blank")

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