I have created a Visualforce page:


    <h1>Custom Visualforce Page</h1>

I want to access to page from within Salesforce without using Sites.

The current user is System Administrator so the Visualforce page is automatically added to the profile.

I have tried these URLs:

  • https://orgname--sandboxname.my.salesforce.com/CustomVisuaforce
  • https://orgname--sandboxname.my.salesforce.com/lightning/CustomVisuaforce
  • https://orgname--sandboxname.my.salesforce.com/lightning/n/CustomVisuaforce

But I am not able to view the Visualforce page.


  1. What URL do I use to access this page from within Salesforce Lightning?

You can just use /apex/CustomVisuaforce. In Classic, it will go to the page, and in Lightning, it will redirect to the correct URL for you.

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