This is my first attempt at an insert trigger :) Any help is greatly appreciated!

Scenario: If campaign member status gets updated, insert a record on a custom object (Registration).


trigger Insert_Registration_on_member_status_change on CampaignMember (after update) {
List<miiEventV1__Registration__c> reg = new List<miiEventV1__Registration__c>();
    for (miiEventV1__Registration__c c: Trigger.new)
         if (CampaignMember.Status != null){
                 reg.add (new miiEventV1__Registration__c(
                     miiEventV1__Client__c = CampaignMember.Account_ID__c,
                     miiEventV1__Presentation__c = CampaignMember.Related_Presentation__c,
                     miiEventV1__Presentation_Ticket_Type__c =  CampaignMember.Create_Ticket_Id__c,
                     miiEventV1__Status__c = 'Registered',
                     miiEventV1__Active__c = TRUE));   
   insert reg;


1) I copied and modified this code from a tutorial, is this line formatted correctly?

    for (miiEventV1__Registration__c c: Trigger.new)

2) I keep getting the error message "Invalid initial expression type for field miiEventV1_Registration_c.miiEventV1_Client_c, expecting: Id". This would apply for the Client_c and Presentation_c field as well. Those are all formula fields pulling the record Id value from the related records. Even if I change them to "miiEventV1_Client_c = CampaignMember.Contact.Account.Id" etc, I still get the same error message. What do I need to do to feed those fields as values for the new inserted record?

Thank you in advance for your replies!




Trigger.new in this context is going to be a collection of CampaignMember objects rather than miiEventV1__Registration__c objects.

The references in your code that are CampaignMember.Account_ID__c, etc. (that explicitly use CampaignMember) are actually retrieving information about that field on the object definition rather than a record of that type of object.

You'll want to change your code to be similar to the following:

for (CampaignMember cm : Trigger.new) {
  if (cm.Status__c != null) {
    reg.add(new miiEventV1__Registration__c(miiEventV1__Client__c = cm.Account_ID__c)));
  • Dear Michael, Thank you for your prompt response! I modified the code as you suggested and was able to save it without error messages! I am now stuck on writing the test class, but will open a new topic for it. Much appreciated! – Robin Koehler Feb 3 '14 at 1:15

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