Salesforce SDK version: 7.0.0
API version: v42.0
Devices: only on all Androids

I have some photo document IDs that I can verify exist. They are downloadable on iOS using the exact same strategy, however, I was getting all file not found errors when trying to get the same document IDs through FileRequests.fileContents on Android. After some debugging I noticed the base is incorrectly being appended with "/chatter/" followed by "connect/files" when getting the RestRequest from the Salesforce SDK. After manually creating the RestRequest using the correct path (sans "/chatter/") it was working correctly. We had a similar issue trying to upload photos where we had to manually recreate the request because the publicly facing file methods in FileRequests are just not working. According to your documentation on the salesforce site, from what I can tell, "/chatter/" is not supposed to be appended into the path after API version "v36.0". If I'm doing something wrong or the Android Salesforce SDK is not set up correctly I would really appreciate the help, otherwise, I would be happy to submit a bug report.

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