Someone asked me how to conditionally display the email open tracking pixel when sent to a CC/BCC email address (on an account where the CC/BCC feature is enabled).

They have a process that is opening and storing BCC emails, and when this occurs, Marketing Cloud is recording the email as an 'open' (even though the Subscriber did not open the email).

I note that the CC/BCC email is an exact copy, that is the system personalization string emailaddr returns the Subscriber's email address, so you can't conditionally display the open tracking pixel for CC/BCC recipients. Is there a solution to this?

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The only workaround that I've come up with is to suppress the click domain on the machine that is opening the CC/BCC email addresses. This can either be implemented by a local firewall rule, or editing the hosts file on the machine.

For example, add the following entry to the hosts file on the machine that is opening the emails:    click.subdomain.mydomain.com

Where subdomain.mydomain.com is the SAP domain of the Marketing Cloud account. This will block the click domain (used to track email opens) so emails will not be recorded as an open.

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