I am getting an error

Error is in expression '{!setGroupBy}' in page customjobapppage:

I tried multiple approach and I ended up with this: so this is how i Initialize my map

public Map<string,List<Job_Application__C>> groupedByPositionList{get;  set;}

and used trying to populate it like this:

public void setGroupBy(){
        for(Position__c p : [select Id , job_title__c from Position__C]){
             groupedByPositionList.put(p.Job_Title__c,new List<Job_Application__c>());
    system.debug('TESTER' + groupedByPositionList);

I am trying to insert an empty List of SObject but it is throwing me an error above , any thoughts about this?

I am a newbie currently on its 2nd day trying to code in salesforce , Maybe this is a newbie question . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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Found the answer , foolish of me my apologies.

I missed this Code

groupedByPositionList = new Map<string,List<job_application__c>>();

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