In my class one list of string is there which is get;set; type. i want to pass the value in test class how to do this

public class MYController(){

   Public list<string> selectedDelList{get;set;}

Test class

public class MYController_Test{
  static void testMethod unitTest(){
    MYController obj = new MYController();
    **obj.selectedDelList = 'test';**
    //above line is showing error
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    You aren't passing a list of Strings, just a String, in your test method. – Girbot Apr 12 '19 at 7:59

You have declared selectedDelList as List<String> and trying to assign a string to it which will give you compilation error.

This is how you should assign a value to List<String>

obj.selectedDelList = new List<String>();

Or you can do it during initialization as well as mentioned below

obj.selectedDelList = new List<String>{'test'};

If you have initialized the variable in your class's constructor, you can directly add the values to the list


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